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Holistic, Preventive & Functional Medicine

By June 14, 2013May 24th, 20193 Comments
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Today on the show, my main man Dr. Shay Shani — founder of Shani Clinic in Westlake Village, California– the guy who keeps me injury free and my body functioning at 100%.

As a board certified chiropractor, he makes sure I’m always properly aligned.  But to say he’s just a chiropractor is to vastly understate the scope of Shay’s gifts. With advanced post-doctorate training in Functional Blood Chemistry and Functional Endocrinology, an unparalleled compassion for his patients and acute ability to get results, he is a rarity in the medical community for his keen focus not on treating symptoms but rather on uncovering the root cause of ailments, utilizing the most advanced non-invasive and all natural treatments to help patients with all varieties of chronic disease that do not improve in the current medical model.

Having Shay in my life has undoubtedly made me a better athlete.  And more importantly a better man.  I’m proud to call him my friend.  And even prouder to help share his powerful message with you.  So do yourself a favor. Strap in. Open your ears.  Learn.  And enjoy.

UPDATE! We are now up and running on  Soundcloud.  What’s Soundcloud? Another platform to listen and share the podcast.  What’s awesome is that it allows you to share the audio file across your social networks like Facebook and Pinterest and you can even embed this groovy player onto your website or blog.  You can even add comments along the timeline that specifically relate to a certain portion of the show, which is really fun.  Great way to share the content with your friends and colleagues and help spread the word.  So if you enjoyed the show, tell a friend, share away and let’s build this PlantPower Mission together!


We are working hard on putting together a line of super groovy PlantPower-themed attire.  First up will be a t-shirt design, which we should have ready to print in the next two weeks – I’ll share the design as soon as it’s ready.  If you know me, you know I love good design, so rest assured it will be cool.  And this t-shirt can be yours for FREE.  Here’s how to win:

1. If you haven’t already, “Like” my  Facebook Page, follow me on  Twitter  and  Instagram  (@richroll on both) AND YOU MUST leave a comment on the iTunes page for the show  HERE  (unless you have already done so). I’m not saying what you should write – that’s entirely up to you.

2. Take an interesting photo of yourself either: a) reading  Finding Ultra* ; or b) listening to the podcast;

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I’ll sort through the postings and pick the best — and this is important — MOST CREATIVE PHOTO and pick a winner.

Good luck!



Hey – you gotta get dear old dad something for Father’s Day, right?  Well, I have just the thing. Finding Ultra* just hit bookstores and online retailers in paperback.  And it’s cheap –  just $12.45 on Amazon*.  What the heck, right?  That’s like a one cold pressed juice at Whole Foods; and will hopefully be even a bit more nourishing.  Then tell a friend.

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Thanks for listening!

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As always, thank you for all the ongoing support.  You guys are everything.


  • Rachel El-Yafi says:

    This is the podcast I’ve been hoping for! Thanks so much Rich and Dr. Shani. I can’t wait to listen!

  • Hennessey says:

    Rich, I listened to your audio book again.. Would love more info on the cleanse Julie suggested for you. Is it in your cookbook? Or do you plan to ever have her on to discuss the cleanse again? One last question, I assume you took some time off work to go through that detox? How many days did it knock you out of commission. Thanks!

  • JjW says:

    Rich, I recently went vegan and love your podcast. Also, about a year ago I discovered I had a compressed disc. I went from being about literally the most active person I know for years to being unable to lift weights, play most sports, or even run. I’ve been trying to keep the faith and it looks like I’ve just found more reason for faith. I’ve been meditating a lot lately and even happened to start yoga within the last week, which I feared I might not be able to do because of my back. After hearing this interview, I’m excited to continue with yoga and maybe even visit Dr. Shani’s clinic someday. Many thanks!

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